How to avoid a running rough patch

Whether you have a stellar race or one that you’d rather forget, it’s important to keep an even keel about running and put it in perspective.

There will certainly be days where you knock a race “out of the park” and there will be days when it just doesn’t click.  It happens to the best runners in the world.

What you do to bounce back and how you learn to manage your emotions while you’re going through the tough times can prove to be the difference between a running rut and just a bad day.

4 areas where you can improve your running
4 areas where you can improve your running

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Getting Out of a Running Rut

4 ways to prevent getting in a rut:

  • Don’t panic.  If you’ve been feeling good every day except race day, it’s probably nothing.
  • Reflect on your training.  Did you do something you don’t typically do?  Add mileage or do a hard workout and not recover well enough?
  • Don’t put too much pressure on one race.
  • Relax and get back to enjoying running.  Possible day off or try a new running route.

There are clues as to how you can get in a rut, but there’s also ways you can get yourself out of one!

What are your signs you’re heading for a rough patch?

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