effects of missing a day of running

A skipped run turns into 4 skipped runs before you even blink.  Is your whole training toast? Is it time to throw in the towel?  Heck. No.

There’s a reason why you missed the runs – weather, a cold, work, kids, injury… Whatever caused you to miss your runs is important, or you might not have skipped in the first place.  Don’t sweat it.


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Missed because of Life

If you missed because that thing called “life” got in the way and you missed less than a week, you can pretty much pick up where you left off.  Keep in mind, you might be sore or feel lethargic, but that’s nothing that a few days back won’t fix.  The pace on the runs should be slower and I would avoid a hard workout or a long run as your first two runs back.

Missed because of Injury

If you missed because of an injury, I would determine the type of injury, the cause of the injury, and how long you missed.  Less than 5 days and no pain?  Jump back into training.  5 days or more and still have the pain?  I’d look into seeing a specialist and possibly switching to cross training until the injury heals.


Does missing a day of running ruin your training?  Depends on how and why you missed it!


Contact Marc if you have a running injury you can’t get over.  Maybe he can help!

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