Why 15k might be the best race distance

The 15k distance is great race distance to attempt if you’re good at keying in on a pace and sticking to it.  The distance is longer than a 10k, so it’s not a sprint race and it’s shorter than a half marathon, so it doesn’t take a while to recover.  It might be the unknown distance that runners don’t do race often enough.

In a race with an “odd” distance – 9.3 miles – it’s easy to overlook your pacing strategy.  How you come up with your strategy is up to you, but the key to a race this long is to run as evenly as possible.  The early miles should seem really easy (because you’re running close to tempo pace) but for a much longer time period. 

Lisa lined up to run the Delaware Distance 15k and while she was a bit slower this year, learned a valuable lesson in how to run and race distance races that are uncommon.  Based on the stats the race provided, Lisa’s first 5k was considerably faster than her second and last 5k.  Again, it’s easy to get dragged out to a faster than necessary pace because the effort shouldn’t feel all that hard.  Unfortunately, once you’ve gone too fast, it takes such a long time to get yourself out of that hole.

Here are Lisa’s stats for the race:
Chip Time: 1:27:08.4 

Lisa at the 2014 15k

Gun Time: 1:27:13.3
Overall Place: 175 out of 265
1st 5k Rank: 150
1st 5k Time: 27:27.7
1st 5k Pace: 8:50/M
2nd 5k Rank: 178
2nd 5k Time: 29:32.1
2nd 5k Pace: 9:30/M
3rd 5k Rank: 183
3rd 5k Time: 30:08.5
3rd 5k Pace: 9:41/M


Results from this year’s race can be found here.

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