Running is Tough

There is no doubt that running is one of the toughest sports – both mentally and physically – that man has created.  We ask so much of ourselves.  Both while we are running and even when we’re not.  We are always pining, tinkering, wondering about running. photo (27)

We pound mile after mile, day after day.  We think about running while we eat, while we sleep and while we run.  We get nervous about running; giddy when races go well and downright avoidable when they go bad.

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Why do we tear ourselves inside out just to run a bit faster than we did the last time?


Because we love it and that’s who we are.  We are the delayed-gratification, punishment taking, black toe-nailed, adventure seeking, fun loving, numbers crunching fanatic of running.  It flows through our veins like magma does in a volcano.  It’s how we live.


What’s your favorite part about running?  Tweet me and let’s chat! @marcpelerin

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