How to Create the Perfect “Runner’s Cave”

Have you ever desired a spot dedicated to all of your most important running possessions? A location in your house, visible to all, where you can find motivation, spark a conversation, or look back on all of the hard work you’ve dedicated yourself to?

TIps to have a really kick ass runners cave
Tips to create the perfect runner’s cave

I would LOVE a runner’s cave – a divine piece of real estate that is solely for the purpose of showing off some bling, sparking joy a la Marie Kondo, and

Creating the perfect runners cave
Having a dedicated spot for your most important running essentials

If you were to start a Runner’s Cave, what would you put in it? Reply in the comments or find TrainwithMarc on social!

We’re beginning to transform our office into one of these “Runner’s Caves” and these are the items that we’ve decided are a must.

In the ideal Runner’s Cave, there would be a mix of functionality and motivation. I’d have the very latest in workout equipment, but I’d also have ample space for awards and accolades received, and a spot to reflect on the work we’ve done.

Here's how to make your perfect runner's cave
Making your perfect runner’s cave

In no particular order, here’s what I’d put in my Runner’s Cave:

Reading Material

Between Runner’s World mags, books on running, and old training logs, this has to be a near-must in terms of essentials for the Runner’s Cave. The information and knowledge that can be gained from other runners is invaluable to a runner.

The most prime real estate in any runner’s house? The Runner’s Cave! Here’s what I’d put in my Runner’s Cave:

Recovery Tools

In our house, the foam roller gets used all the time. So much so, that we currently have 3 different styles of foam rollers. I’m big on using massage sticks as I can dig a bit deeper than with a foam roller. Lastly, my stretching rope and lacrosse ball are key components to the recovery from tough workouts.


Workout Equipment

Carly and I are both in the fitness industry, so having workout equipment is a must. We seem to gift each other new equipment at least once a year, and so our stock pile is growing. Our favorites right now are of course, the kettle bells and exercise sliding discs. We have our fair share of yoga mats and blocks which always come in handy when we need a good stretch. Finally, our growing array of free weights and bands help us shape and tone up our bodies for the work that is required of us.

Creating the perfect runner's cave
Everything we have in our serious runner’s cave


We have quite a few items in our Runner’s Cave that provide a daily boost in motivation. For example, Marc’s Villanova singlet from his college days is hanging up, as well as pictures from our early days together spectating and cheering at the New York City marathon. We have photos of athletes we’ve coached, records we’ve broken and awards we’ve won. This adds to the mystique and “specialness” our Runner’s Cave has.

What’s Else?

If and when we continue to add to our Runner’s Cave, we’ll be getting a medal rack to store our big race awards – the Boston Marathon & New York City Marathon medals, the Atlanta Marathon and Philly Half medals. These are accomplishments many haven’t achieved and we should celebrate what we’ve been able to accomplish.

That’s what we have/would have in our Runner’s Cave, so tell me, what would be in yours?

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8 thoughts on “How to Create the Perfect “Runner’s Cave”

  1. Yes my home gym is my happy place and it’s stocked with all of the above!


  2. I wish I had the room for a real runners cave but we have a space where my husband has many of his bibs hung (and finishers certificates from back in the days when they gave those out). We’re trying to convert that to a workout room but we also have to share it with the cat!


  3. Kim at Running on the Fly September 4, 2019 — 7:35 PM

    My bling display is right next to the family calendar (there really was no other place with enough wall space in the house). Every time I walk by it, I’m reminded of all the blood, sweat, and tears in acquiring all of it… one race at a time.


  4. I don’t have a runners cave, but I do display all of my race medals in my room. Looking at them always gives me motivation before a workout!


  5. Heck yeah! That’s awesome. we’re working on getting something put up.


  6. Do you put EVERY race bling up or just the “big ones”?


  7. Oh wow, certificates!! Imagine if that’s what it was still like?


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