Overcome Any Race Day Problems

Running a bad race doesn’t have to ruin your season.  Figure out what went wrong, make the corrections and go at it again.

Rob ran 13.1 this weekend and here’s his story about how his race “fell apart”.  What Rob does over the next week will show how resilient he is and how he will bounce back for his next race.

Things to remember when racing long distances:

via active.com

1.  Know your gear.  Are you wearing brand new shoes or brand new socks?  Be ready for potential blisters!  Know what you’re wearing and make sure it works.

2.  Adjust pace is weather is poor.  If you are in a longer race and it’s humid or hot out, you should adjust your pace.  Slow down.  Salvage your race and live to see another day.

3. Stay in the race unless you’re hurt (not hurting).  Having a bad day?  Remember that it’s not the end of the world.  Regroup, relax, and run your pace.  If you’re hurt, however, dropping out or slowing down to a much slower pace might be a better option.  Only you can decide between a hurt and hurting.

4.  Create and execute a race plan.  Have a plan and have a plan b.  Do what you’ve been training to do and the results will come.

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