Nailing the Perfect Marathon

Here you are – at the finish line of your marathon.  You just set a big PR.  Ecstatic, right? Not totally.  You expected so much more.  Why? Because you put your heart and soul into every training run.  You ate right, you did every long run, tempo run, and speed workout that was on your training schedule.  Heck, you even finished 2nd overall. In a marathon.

And yet, sometimes even when we set a lifetime PR, we aren’t satisfied like we feel we should be.  There’s something out there that we feel like we can go back and fix.  Unfortunately, the marathon isn’t something you can just jump back into the following weekend and hit “repeat”.  It takes so much energy and effort to run a marathon PR that even the thought of another race makes most people quiver.  So what can you do?


Rob ran in the Hambletonian Marathon this weekend and while he did in fact come in 2nd place overall and he set a PR and he qualified for Boston, he’s not quite as happy as he could be.  Rob trains like an animal – doing everything and more that he should be doing to run sub-3 hour marathon pace that he (and I know) he expects he can do for 26.2 miles.


Here’s Rob’s story about how his marathon went.  At the end, leave a comment and tell us what you’d suggest he does.  

I was sub 3 (hour) pace for about 22 miles. Then the wheels fell off.. All legs. I didn’t get sick, lightheaded, weak, etc. just straight lockdown especially in my quads.  Really big hills at about 16 took me two miles to recover from; big hill at 19/20 wasn’t much kinder. I took the lead (yes I could’ve won) at about 21; lost it at 23 and pretty much had to walk a few times from 23-25. If not for the leader starting to fade the last mile and me having a chance at catching him, I might’ve dropped out. HMP

I’ll run one more marathon, ever – Boston 2017, because I earned it today but that’ll be that. I’m taking a break for about two weeks – nothing but easy running and recovery stuff. Then it’ll be November and I think I will just play around with some road races and stuff until the new year.

We’re happy that you haven’t totally sworn off marathons.  And we’re really excited for your Boston 2017 campaign.  Between now and then, we’re ready to tackle some of those lofty goals you have!  Results from the race can be found here.
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And here are stories about Rob’s buildup to the Hambletonian Marathon: Overcome Race Day Problems & Run a marathon the right way.


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