Consistent Training = Big Performances

Wondering why you’re stuck on a plateau? Can’t figure out why you aren’t getting any better even though you are running a lot?

The importance of being consistent in running should mirror the consistency of your life. When one is balanced, both are balanced.  Sometimes it takes more than just 3 runs a week to get out of the “rut”. 
Running is a tough sport to just “pick up” and be really good at. If you look at the successful runners out there, they tend to be the runners who can put months and years together of uninterrupted training.  To truly get the most out of the sport, you have to dedicate your time and efforts into bettering yourself daily.

This often means sacrificing and doing things that aren’t always “fun”, but doing what’s necessary to getting better.

Reach Marc on twitter @marcpelerin to discuss what you can do to be a better runner.

What’s one small thing you can do to become a better runner?


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