Run Tall, Run Fast

Running form is very important when it comes to injury prevention and running fast.  Two things all runners want: health and speed.  I looked more in depth at Emily’s form and this is what I came up with.  You’ll notice the runner wearing black tights as the famous Oiselle-sponsored, Pickybar founder, Lauren Fleshman.


If we look at photos and compare Emily to Lauren, we can see a few main things that we can work on.  If we look strictly at Emily’s left knee in the photo above (at the point of contact) – we can see it’s considerably bent compared to Lauren’s left knee.  This shows that Emily goes into the ground as opposed to over the ground.  Knowing this, every step Emily takes, she sinks a bit into the ground as opposed to using the ground as a spring board for her next step.

IMG_0433 (1)

When Emily makes contact with the ground, her body is behind her foot, instead of right over her foot.  This means that every time her foot lands, it takes time for her body to catch up with her feet.  On top of this, her right foot is far behind where Lauren’s right foot is, suggesting that Emily’s got too much back kick – basically wasted energy.

But don’t worry.  Even if your running form is terrible, there’s still a chance to make it better!  Here’s how Emily (and you) can fix your form.


Lots and lots of core strength training.  See this post for the core routine.  Doing core will help from sinking into the ground and will keep your body nice and tall.  Having a stronger core can also keep you upright and healthy.  You should also practice the drill in the photos below. Emily practices bringing her ankle “up the inseam” (going from picture 1, to 2, to 3).  This will help her eliminate much of that unnecessary back kick.


Exercises for better form


Practicing running tall
Working on proper running form

Is your running form in need of a makeover?  Contact Marc or visit his Form Analysis page to request your form review.

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