Thoughts from a Boston Marathon Finisher

Minutes after the Boston Marathon and she’s already planning and plotting how she can run her next marathon faster.  If you want to know why I like coaching her, this is why:

Boston Marathon

I think Boston went really well for me, given my unpredictable training.  For the most part, things went really well for me on Monday.  The only thing I would do differently is either have a family member drive me to the shuttle the morning of the race or stay in the city next time around.  marathon morning I took a hotel shuttle that was supposed to drop us off at the South Street parking lot but he ended up getting lost, driving around for 45 minutes or so that morning with me and a bunch of other runners, and then dropping us off in the state park.  From that shuttle bus we had to walk all the way from the starting line to the Athlete’s village and it added at least a mile to my morning (but not too much stress since I decided to leave on an earlier shuttle). 

Rob in his build up to the marathon
Rob in his build up to the marathon
I really liked how my fuel plan worked in the race.  I felt like I had more energy taking gel every 45 minutes instead of like when I took it at certain mile markers in Shamrock.  I still had to end up walking at a few water stops after mile 22 but that’s significantly better than when I had to stop at mile 18 in Shamrock, and then stop at every water stop after starting at mile 20.  I also think I prepared better for the weather and alternated every other water stop with gatorade, but I always felt cool because I was pouring a lot of water on me as I ran haha!

Training Plan

I don’t think I would have been able to run this race if it wasn’t for your help in modifying my training to compensate for my different injuries.  I think for my next training I may not want to run more than 4 times a week, given my history with trying to do 5-6 runs a week for these past two marathons and getting injured.  I think the strengthening was key in my training and getting to the starting line so I would like to do a lot more of that in the future and more cycling workouts like we did for Shamrock.  Those made me feel really strong!  Thank you again for everything.  It was so great meeting you and Carly (I hope her recovery is going well!)
Run like Allison.  Find out how.  Contact Marc.

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