7 Gift Ideas for Runners under $35

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

While most people might want chocolate, the runner in your life would LOVE some of these gift ideas.

Without breaking the bank, treat the runner in your life to a very affordable, yet very practical gift this Valentine’s Day. This particular holiday is tricky: you want to give and get a good gift, but it’s not a big holiday – Christmas or a birthday – so spending a ton probably isn’t what you want to do either. Find that sweet spot with all of these gifts under $35. It’s enough to say “I love you and your running addiction”, but not enough to ruin your budget for the month!

7 gifts for runners under $35
Gift ideas for runners under $35

Gift Ideas


I’m a huge fan of the company, what they believe in and what their products are about. Taking a nuun table post-run is a quick and easy way to get the replacement fluids I need to begin my recovery process.

Check them out on Instagram. Our favorite flavors are Fruit Punch and Watermelon. You can pick some up for yourself here.

Running Gloves

Just like cold feet, I hate having cold hands. A good pair of running gloves is essential in the winter. I usually rotate between two or three pairs of gloves, but have to put them through the wash frequently – hello runny nose – and I end up with a pair that I don’t really like.

Valentine's Gifts for Runners, all under $35
Valentine’s Gifts for Runners, all under $35

Have a good recommendation for running gloves? Do you prefer mittens to gloves?

Running Socks

I never was a sock snob until I started upping my dress sock game. After that, came my casual winter wear socks. Last, my running sock game has risen to the challenge.

During winter runs I ALWAYS had cold toes. That’s until I invested in 2 pairs of thermal winter running socks.

Life. Changed.

They’re a game changer. I start warm and end warm. No more purply-blue numb toes. No more cracked heels. No more dry and irritated ankles. Life is good.

My go-to brand is Feetures. You can pick the color you like here.

Race Entry

Researching and picking races is the fun part of being a runner. Paying for them is not so much. If your loved one can pick up a race tab for you, that would be the sign of true love. Use a site that I wrote about a few weeks ago (find the link here) and keep your ears open for a race they’ve had on their bucket list.

Most races aren’t cheap these days, so chances are, it’ll have to be a speedy race – like a 5k, a fun run, or a mile race.

Sun Glasses

I have always, always worn sunglasses while running ever since I’ve been able to afford a pair. I now have a decent pair for running and another pair for when I’m not running.

Affordable Gifts for Runners
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Runners

Since I’m not the only runner who wears sunglasses, companies are now coming out with very affordable polarized glasses. I haven’t picked up a pair yet, but it’s on my list of things to treat myself to.

Training Log

TrainwithMarc created a physical product that will help you track your training. Marc uses a digital one he made for his runners and Carly likes having pen and paper to track what she does.

If you’d like one, we have them for sale and they are also part of a training plan package. Details are here for the box and here for training plans.


I don’t know where my tea game would be without my Yeti. In the winter, I can leave my hot tea in my car during a long run and scoop it up after the run. Still hot. In the summer, I’ll put an iced brew tea in my yeti and can leave it in the direct sun and it’s still cold with as many ice cubes in it.

Gift Ideas under $35 for Runners
Gift Ideas under $35 for Runners

I have the 20-ounce one and anyone who likes tea or coffee should absolutely have one. You can get yours here.

Like I said, Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where it’s great to tell the person you care and love about the most that you love them, but spending a ton of money on them has never been our thing. It’s important to show you care and you love them but at the expense of what?

Not all runners are lucky to have a spouse that’s also a runner. I’m one of the lucky ones. When my wife reads this (she does read this, right?), she’ll have a good idea about what to get me for the special day when partners and spouses get to honor their love for each other.

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10 thoughts on “7 Gift Ideas for Runners under $35

  1. These are all great ideas, though I don’t think my hubby would think of them because, especially with nuun, sunglasses, and socks (Pro Compression for me!), I already have so many. I feel I can always use more though.


  2. I always seem to be on the search for more running gloves!


  3. Nope, not all socks are created equal. I’m a huge fan of wool socks, year-round, for running.


  4. Wool all year, huh? Your feet don’t sweat in the summer? I’m new to the big leagues, so I’ll definitely let you know when warm weather comes and stays!


  5. Yes! We rotate 2-3 pairs between the two of us and they’re always in the wash basket!


  6. You can never have too many pairs of gloves or running socks!


  7. I 100% agree with not having or needing to spend too much on Valentine’s Day and these gift ideas are great. I’m in desperate need of a pair of sunglasses. I’ve never run with them but more and more I find myself struggling with the sun’s glare. I’ll send this link to my husband, LOL!


  8. Awesome! Yes. There are some brands out there that have come to market with cheap polarized glasses – I’ve yet to get a pair, but they are on my radar.


  9. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets February 7, 2019 — 8:31 AM

    These are all great ideas and gifts that I would love to receive! A good pair of gloves is clutch this winter!


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