Broad Street Run Checklist

Not many 10 mile races start and finish 10 miles apart, but Broad Street in Philadelphia is definitely one of them. 2 years of racing down Broad Street in Philadelphia has taught me some things about how to master this 1-road, 10 mile run.  There are so many variables that need to be accounted for in order to have a really good BSR experience. Remember, you’ll be running with 40,000 other runners, so having a plan can go a long way.

9 ways to maximize your experience at the Broad Street Run
9 tips to get the most out of the Broad Street Run

Here’s my list of top 9 ways to not only enjoy Broad Street, but to get the most out of the race.

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Before the Race

  1. Remember where you parked!  Write it on your hand if you have to, but remember what parking lot and what row you parked in.  When you’ve raced 10 miles, you don’t want to walk for miles looking for your car.
  2. Get an early bus.  You’ll want to get to the start line as early as possible – before the waves of people show up.  Have a plan as to where you’ll meet friends and family after the race. The race provides meeting spots, so pick a time and place where you’ll meet.
  3. Carry as little as possible with you to the start line.  Be prepared to toss clothes and a (this might be the only time I say this) water bottle you can recycle.
  4. Do an appropriate warm up outside your corral (about an hour before start time).  If you need a pre-race checklist, check out this one

How to have a kick-ass Broad Street Run

During the Race

1. Pace yourself.  No one wants to be the person flying up people’s backs because you went out too fast.  And NO ONE wants to be hitting the wall sooner than expected. Here’s more on pacing.

2. Stay hydrated/fueled as needed.  There isn’t a rule that says you have to take fluids or nutrition, but if you’ve practiced it and you feel you need it, then go for it!  If it’s hot out, jog through a water station while sipping water and then get right back to your race pace. Here’s more on racing while it’s hot out.

3. Finish fast.  You’ve paced yourself early on, so you have lots of energy.  Don’t save it for the last 100 meters. Use it throughout the last 2 miles!

9 Strategies to have an awesome Broad Street Run
9 Strategies to have an awesome Broad Street Run

After the Race

1. Use the amenities the race has provided.  Get a massage, sample some food, and hydrate effectively.  You’ve paid for the race and the food and services are there. Take advantage of them being there and don’t forget to say thanks!

2. Change into dry clothes (that you dropped off at the bus check) and head home or to a local watering hole to celebrate. 


Have a plan going into Broad Street Run!  Make sure you remember where you parked, remember to tell your friends/family where you’ll meet them after the race and get on an early bus.

During the race, pace yourself, stay hydrated (because you’ve practiced hydrating while running, right?!) and finish the race with a long kick.

Thank the volunteers and use the freebies to your advantage!  Put on dry clothes and get in a short cool down before heading home to celebrate!

Contacting Marc
Contacting Marc
Dr. Jack Daniels VDOT & USATF Certified Running Coach
Dr. Jack Daniels VDOT & USATF Certified Running Coach
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