Winter Strength and Conditioning

Winter Strength & Conditioning

Running is my passion and where I focus a lot of my daily energy at.  I’m driven to help runners become stronger and smarter athletes. I was a high school coach for a number of years and I continue to work with adult runners, but I’m also turning my focus to the younger runners.

Winter Workouts for Middle School Runners


Since I’ve been teaching and coaching at Cinnaminson, I’ve seen the progress that the middle school runners have taken. It’s inspiring and motivating! In the summer, I joined up with other Cinnaminson coaches to create a track camp and I’ll continue to do so this summer.

Last winter, though, I held a strength and conditioning program for the runners in the Marlton Rec Council track program. This winter, I’m doing it again, but I’m also opening the doors to runners from Cinnaminson’s track and cross country program.

Strength & Conditioning program for Middle School Runners


For more information, visit the Strength and Conditioning facebook page or the website.

Want to contact Marc, his email is on the website!


Winter training for middle school runners in South Jersey


Location Cherry Hill, NJ E-mail Hours Weekdays: 3-10 pm; Weekends: 7 am-10 pm
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