Sign Up for a Winter Race

I need to sign up for something to do to keep me from going stir crazy!

I’ve put in 7.5 weeks of very good training and I’m getting a bit bored with going out and logging miles every day without a race in sight.

After my last race, I took a week off, then started with easy mileage.  I ran for 5.5 weeks to close out 2015 with 153 miles in that time span.   That was 33 days of running at an average of 4.5 miles per run.  Not bad!


Ready to race!

In 2016 so far, I’ve run 12 times (in 14 days) with an average of 5.7 miles per run.  


Finishing my 5k for a win

It’s not going to be fast – wherever it may be –  but I need to feel the adrenaline of anxiety and speed!  I want to be nervous to lace up my spikes or my flats and feel the wind against my face.  I’m ready to compete against myself and other runners and see where I’m at.

Now, to find something that’s close by and at a time I can run!  

What races do you have coming up that you’re looking forward to?


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