First Weeks of Training After a Break

After a very restful week off from running and training, it’s been two very good weeks back for Coach Marc.

He finished his season with a win at the Haddonfield 5k and decided that he had accomplished all the goals he set out to reach and took the entire next week off of running.

Creating a Strength Training Routine

Massaging on a foam roller
Massaging on a foam roller

My first week was all about getting back into a good routine – both running and strength training – to set myself up for a consistent and strong winter and spring of training and racing.

While I won’t have a set day to do specific strength exercises, this is what I intend on doing every week:

8 minute abs

Core routine

Running specific strength training (pushups, squats, lunges, dips, etc)

Foam rolling

Ankle exercises (theraband, balancing on disc, etc)

Running Routine

Finishing my 5k for a win
Finishing my 5k for a win

In terms of running, I will be increasing my mileage throughout the winter where I’ll find a happy weekly total (probably in the 40s) and look to find indoor races in January and February and then road races throughout late March through May or June.
What does your training plan for the winter look like?


Contact Marc to get started on your winter and spring training!

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