Master’s 8k cross country

There’s something to be said about a Master’s Cross Country race… A master’s race tells you that everyone is older than 40 years old.  So you know they’ve probably been running for a while – as in longer than you and I have been alive.  And it’s cross country. So you know they are the hard core runners of the bunch.  Need I say more?

Sheila ran as a part of her team and ran really well.  This is even after a half marathon the week prior!  IMG_1149Her pace was 7:29 for 8k (5 miles)!  It was a 3 loop course with a big hill that the runners climbed on each loop.  Despite the hill, she finished strong and had some left at the end.

On top of that, Sheila was able to string together a good workout later in the week which shows she not only can run well early in the morning, but can recover really fast after a race.
12 x 400 @ 5:30am is no joke.

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