performing stronger every race you run

Racing faster each race 

No matter how you slice it, if you’re getting faster as the season goes on, it’s a victory.  It doesn’t matter if it’s an hour, a minute or a second better than your previous best.  Because really, if you think about it, if your time is improving, so is your endurance, your racing tactics, your ability to recover, and your overall race preparedness.  When they get better, you get better.  And when they are all primed and ready to go, that’s when you’ll see that big jump in your times.

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 Shades of Death (Half Marathon)

Sheila has been chipping away at her race performances throughout the season and she’s still getting better each and every race.  This weekend, she lined up at the Shades of Death Half Marathon in Allamuchy, which is in North Jersey.  This race was part of the North Jersey USATF circuit and she scored serious points towards her overall point total.

Each race Sheila has done this year, she’s gotten a little bit better at doing all of the things that will make her successful.  First off, she’s healthy and training consistently and smart.  That’s the first way to see progress.  Then, she’s tough.  She guts out hard workouts even when she’s has to do them at 5 am.  And finally, she’s talented.  Sheila works very hard at running, that’s not in question, but she’s also got natural ability that has helped her along the way.

In the Shades of Death Half Marathon, Sheila placed 34th overall, was the 5th fastest woman and was 1st in her age group.  Results from the race can be found here.

Here’s a side note to illustrate my point that Sheila is getting better while her rivals aren’t:

An interesting footnote from the half I just noticed. A group of ladies who also ran the Liberty Half Marathon also ran yesterday. They all ran slower on this course, some by more than a minute. Maybe it was a better effort than I’m giving myself credit for. I did run faster than Liberty, if only by about 20 seconds.

See!  She’s getting faster while everyone else is getting slower.  Proof is in the results!

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