3 Common Mistakes Made on Race Day

Samantha raced a 5k last weekend as a good race to sharpen up for her upcoming Atlantic City Marathon.


Samantha in recovery mode

Running shorter races in the build up to your marathon is a great way to test your fitness, find out where you are, and get the butterflies out of your system!

These non-peak races allow us to get some of those race-day mistakes out of the way, so when the marathon comes, we are prepared for anything!  Here’s what we can do to eliminate some of those race day mistakes.

  1.  The first 2-5 minutes of the race will make or break the race. Run too fast and you’re sure to run out of steam. Go out too slow and you’ll be playing catch up the entire race.
  2. Wearing new clothes or shoes.  When you don’t know where they’ll rub or how you’ll feel in them. Big mistake.
  3. Run at a time you’re not used to.  Runners are creatures of habit, so when you are a night runner and you run in the morning, you might be a bit “off”. Do some runs at all times of the day to prepare your body for race day.

What race day mistakes have you made that you won’t make again?

Samantha ran 22:20 for 5k which shows her fitness is coming along nicely for her October marathon.  She has a few other races coming up which will help her fine tune her race day efforts.  Here are her other races prior to the marathon:


Tim Kerr 7 miler

NY 5k
10 miler

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