1500 meters – Master’s Nationals

It was a great day of work for Rob at the USATF Master’s Nationals in Jacksonville, Florida.  Rob lined up the day after a very hot (temperature-wise) 800 to set a HUGE PR in the 1500 – more than 5 seconds faster than his previous best. rob usatf 400h

Here is what Rob had to say about his 1500 meter race:

“After a long couple of days and a long set of delays, I wasn’t really confident tonight. The field ended being pretty big as they combine a few races after the delays to make up time. So here’s how the race went down:

I was 6th on the line and they lined us up all on the first line. No California start. Things got crowded quickly and the first 150 was a bit of a mess. Finally found some room to navigate at the 300m and though I was back of the lead pack, I had room to move.

1st 400: 68
800m: 2:17
1200m: 3:28 (I got scared)
Final time: 4:22 and change.

3rd in my AG. New PR by about 5 seconds (too tired to do the research right now)”

Click the link for video of his 1500 race.

Way to go Rob!  In case you haven’t read some stories about other USATF races Rob has run, here they are: 2015 800 meters2015 Indoor Nationals, & 2014 Club CrossT


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