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Dan lined up for his first race as a TrainwithMarc athlete amongst some of his brave co-workers.  He ran this as part of a team race and for a good indicator of where he currently is fitness wise.  Here’s Dan’s recap:
I ran the race in 25:40.  I guess that was expected from my training times.  I was still a little disappointed and was hope for going under 25.  The more I think about it, I never really broke out into my second gear.  Pace was steady and I felt like a hard workout instead of a race.  I think a lot of it was having so many of my friends in it and never really getting into that trance.  Its really no excuse, I crossed the finish line paused for a about 20 seconds and went into my cool down feeling pretty ok…. leads me to believe I had a lot more in the tank than what I let out.  Still, I was happy with it.  I got in just shy of 7 for the day (6.8 according to my watch). Our team finished first in the Police category and I was third out of about 20 guys from work.  Winner took it in 16:26 and all I could think was “I wish!”
I guess I have been doing so many miles (for me) that the race felt like it was over before it began. I had to check my watch to make sure the course was measured to a 5k!  I know that some of the speed will come back with weight loss and workouts.  Overall I feel great, I feel I’m on course and am excited for October’s Half.
The coolest feeling was being excited last night and this morning for a 5k.  My half in May was pure nerves because it was new.  Today was a great despite my time. I am definitely going to be focusing more on proper diet and lifting. I know I am not going to be running under 17 again but after today I think in a years time after I get some of these longer races out of my system a sub 20 could be a real possibility.
Results from Dan’s race can be found here.
For other race recaps from new runners, check out these posts: Tina’s race, Tim’s 5k win, and why tempo runs are so good for runners.
Have you ever run a race with coworkers?  Are you competitive with them?

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