What I Learned from Racing Broad Street

Overall I’m ok with my effort but there were times where I was hurting. I felt fine going through the first 3 miles and felt like I wasn’t using much effort to keep a consistent 5:30s pace.  Once I got to city hall I really struggled and the wheels started to come off.
Even in restrospect, I maybe I could have paced my race a little differently and ended up with a slightly faster result, but I wasn’t trying to run a safe race and wanted to test myself to see if I could keep at lease a sub 5:50 pace and come close to my 2013 time (57:11). So keeping that in mind I don’t think I was being that aggressive.

3 mile: 16:51 – 5:36 

5 mile: 28:32 – 5:42
7 mile: 40:50 – 5:49
Finish :58:48 – 5:52
But when I really cut to the core of it, if I weighed what I weighed in 2012, I beleive I would have ended up with a similar result to 2012.  If I gain 2 secs per pound a mile heres the math
2012 – 153lbs after race – 56:16 (only did tempo training, 40-45 miles a week)
2015 – 160lbs after race – 58:48
7 pounds x 2 secs a mile x 10 miles = 140 seconds = 2:20
58:48 – 2:20 = 56:28
Based on what you know about nutrition, what suggestions do you have to find and maintain a healthy racing weight?

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