Recover from a race or hard workout

The best way to recover from a race or hard effort is different for each and every one of us.  There are, however, things that we can all do to run hard and recover so we can do it all over again!recover from a really hard workout or race

Eat & Drink – right after the hard effort, get something back into your system.  There is no science as to what’s best, but just know that there is a difference between bad calories and good calories.  Choose what works for you. Nutrition (1)

Sleep – the best form of recovery is sleeping.  Even a 25 minute nap will do wonders for your body.   An early night will also drastically improve your ability to recover.

Sleeping Patterns
Sleeping Patterns for Marc

Compression – I believe in compression socks; I know not everyone does though. Whether it’s a fad or something that’s here to stay, find what works for you and stick with it until it doesn’t work any longer. IMG_3218

Modify training – the harder the effort (workout or race), the more likely you’ll need to adjust your upcoming training.  In the days after a race, it’s key to listen to your body and change up your plan to fit how you feel.


What do you use/do that helps you recover from a race?  Share with us!

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