Saddle Brook 5K

On the bright side, it was (according to very brief and unscientific research) my fastest “season opening” 5K ever. A few more tempos and whatnot and I’ll remember what this feels like. I’m less worried about this than I am to lace ’em up next Saturday against the college kids at TCNJ. I am gonna run the 1500 for sure…

Based on my 4:50 mile time from Monmouth, McMillan said I should be able to go sub-17, and run 5:25 pace. So, knowing that would be a huge PR and being honest with myself and realistic about things, I started off fast, but at what I felt was reasonable and under control, clicking off a 5:29 1st mile, and leading the race. There was only one other runner anywhere close, but he was right on my heels, and I think testing me a little bit to see what I had. I was cruising along at that pace, holding 5:30 pace through about 1.3-1.4 miles. Once we started the path back to the start, he opened up a little and honestly, he wasn’t even breathing heavy to start. I was starting to feel it, so I backed off a bit, thinking I could chill for 30-60 secs, get my wind back, clear the side stitch out and get back on my game. 2nd mile ended up being a 5:57, with a concerted effort to back off. But, I never got my mojo back and the stitch got deeper and I barely mustered a 6:09 final mile, and a 6:33 final 1.1.

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