2015 Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon 2015 shaped up to be a great year for the elite American’s, and it played out strongly for them.  Behind them, some 30,000 runners, each with their own race plans and goals, came to Hopkinton for their own personal glory.

One such runner was Chris.  He trained very well – nailed his long runs and ran solid workouts.  Chris is the 4th runner I’ve coached to run Boston – Carly in 2012 & 2014, Mallory in 2014, and Allison in 2014.  I know what it takes to run Boston’s 26.2 miles, and I believe that Chris did his absolute best.  Here’s the low down on Chris’ personal race.

Bib number 8657

Goal – sub 3:30

Goal not talked about (but I’m sure he was thinking it): re-qualify for Boston at Boston – sub 3:15.  

Actual: 40 degree weather; mixed with rain showers. Ran an even race with an average mile pace of 7:30 and a finishing time of 3:16:15. Chris’ half way split was 1:35:47.  Overall, Chris was 6,061st.

We’re so proud of him and how hard he worked.  I’m hopeful that he’ll return to Boston and crush those hills under more favorable conditions in the future!

8657 Walsh, Christopher M 41 M Pawling NY USA
5k 10k 15k 20k Half 25k 30k 35k 40k
0:22:03 0:45:03 1:07:50 1:30:45 1:35:47 1:53:49 2:17:21 2:42:02 3:05:57
Finish: Pace Proj. Time Offl. Time Overall Gender Division
0:07:30 3:16:15 6061 5296 1038

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