Rutgers Unite Half Marathon

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for our half marathoners.  Sheila lined up on the Rutgers campus for the Unite Half Marathon, put on by CGI.

While the time was a good performance for Sheila, she definitely didn’t have a smooth sailing race.  She logged quite a few miles this week – which proves that you don’t need to taper for a non-peak race and you can still run well.  A+ for that one, Sheila!

Sheila got to the start line sooner than she anticipated and failed to do any warm up.  Her first mile of the race was also her warm up.  C-, Sheila!!

Her stomach didn’t totally cooperate and so even with the bathroom break she still ran a time that guaranteed NYC entry for 2016 – which is AWESOME! B- for the bathroom, and A++ for the time goal.  Official results: 1:39:45 for 221st overal.  Her average pace was 7:36.  Sheila was the 32nd fastest woman in the field.


Did anyone else get to race this Sunday?  It was ideal conditions to really go after a PR!



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