Atlantic City Half Marathon

Perfect conditions.  Well executed.  Great 13.1 miles.

Rachelle was in Atlantic City for the April Fools Half Marathon, put on by Atlantic City Marathon Race Series.  She ran a great race – and followed her race plan perfectly.  She finished 15th overall and 5th in her age group. Her time for the 13.1 miles was 1:43:03 with a pace of 7:51.

I’m so proud of her because we had talked about a race plan in which she started just slower than goal race pace and get up to and beyond the average pace she wanted to hit.

Here’s what we talked about prior to the race:

“I believe (with good weather), that a 1:43:xx (give or take 30 seconds faster or slower) is what you can comfortably shoot for.  So anywhere from a 1:42:30 to a 1:44:20…

The pacing for a 1:43:00 is 7:51, which I think is a good, aggressive pace to shoot for as your average.  That being said, I think the first 3 miles should be above 8 mins (8:00-8:10) with the goal of them feeling amazing, and easy, and totally under control.  From there you would look to hit 7:50s for the next 7 miles before cranking it up and hitting your fastest pace for the last 2 or so miles.  I don’t think the 7:50s will overwhelm you, so if a few of them are in the 7:40s, you’ll be ok.  What you don’t want is a 7:30 or 7:20 on the 4th mile and it puts you in that bit of uncomfort that you can’t recover from.

Of course, this depends on weather, wind, course (hills)… but that would be a solid race plan if you were to execute that.”

Here are her splits from the race:

1 — 8:03 RACHELLE
2 — 7:56
3 — 7:56
4 — 7:51
5 –7:51
6 — 7:54
7 — 7:53
8 — 8:00
9 — 7:51
10 — 8:01
11 — 7:46
12 — 7:38
13 — 7:37


Have you ever followed a race plan and nailed it? Tell us about that experience.

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