50 minutes a Week to a Stronger Runner

In just 50 minutes a week, you can become a more-defined, stronger runner who is less prone to injuries.  Want to know how we do it?

On your Monday easy run or cross train day, we alternate weeks between 8 minute abs or our core routine.  Actual exercises can vary, but the idea is to work on the core, including the abs, back, hip flexors and the surrounding areas.

Total time for the week: 8 minutes. 20140413-221815.jpg

On your longer days (typically Tuesday and Friday workout days), we get in the weight room for 3 sets of 4-5 exercises.  Again, the routine you follow may vary and a weight room is NOT necessary.  Example activities include: pushups/bench press, air squats/back squats, pull ups, calf raises, soleus activation, and dips.  Each session should be done without breaks and should be on the lighter end of weight.  We eliminate rests to keep heart rate at an elevated level.

Total time for the week: 20 minutes per session (40 minutes)



What do you think?  You can find 50 minutes a week to do strength training, right?!  If you have questions about anything I talked about, send me a message!

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