Another “Old Man” PR

Rob had a chance to race in the USATF NY meet last week and came away with a very good performance in the 400 – and a tired effort in the 800.

Just prior to take off
Rob’s 400 was a FAT (which means fully automatic timing) 56.34 seconds.  That pace, could he sustain it over a mile, would have him at 3:46.5 for the mile.  That’s moving!
We’re looking forward to a great performance at the USATF Master’s Nationals next weekend!
Good luck Rob.
What’s the fastest you can run for a 400?
Contact Marc and get coached today.  Looking for Rob’s profile?  Here it is!

4 thoughts on “Another “Old Man” PR

  1. Reblogged this on coachdecarlo and commented:
    Thanks for the write-up, coach!


  2. The fastest I did was 54.22 in 1989
    Now maybe 65.23
    Think I lost a step
    My mile was 4:55
    I’m 1989
    Now I ran a 5:51
    In May.


  3. That’s really quick Jamie! Speed never really goes away, it’s just hiding until it’s told to come back out. You’ll find it if you work on it!


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