twenty days to change a habit

Two thirds through January and this is what I’ve learned: if I plan out my week, including when I’ll do my homework, when I’ll write training plans, and when I’ll run, I actually get everything done.2015/01/img_0734.jpg

It’s important for me to tell you that I typically get most things done, except for my running. My running has taken the biggest hit since I’ve become a teacher. And for good reason: teaching is draining. But the new year caused me to make some changes to how I move through my week and one of those changes was a “journal” or a way for me to map out my schedule. And oh has it worked!


I don’t want to say this will work for everyone, but it absolutely works for me. I swear by it – because it works.  I’ve run when I’ve been tired, I’ve run when it’s been snowy & icy;  when I plan to get a run in, I get the run in.


When you get busy, what’s the first thing that takes the back seat?


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