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Rob went crazy on us and ran the USATF-NJ indoor championships in Toms River NJ. He ran the 3k, then the 800, then the 1500 and didn’t stop until after the 4×4.  That’s 4 races in one afternoon.  Talk about taking a lot of left turns!

Here is his recap of the meet: 3K was the first event. I went out under control, running steady 38s/39s for most of the first mile, and came through at about 5:15 (was hoping to be running right around there). Finished in 4th overall, a huge indoor PR (ran 10:39 here last year, but in February & 10:27 at Nationals in Boston in March, but 9:58 outdoors) & felt “okay” after.

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As I was walking back to change my flats, they called check-in for the 800! So I grabbed my hip number and hopped outside for a very short jog, only 5 mins. Turns out I had plenty of time, because I came back in and stood around in the clerking area with the guys for about 30 mins. Definitely got tight.

800 was the 2nd event, and I am pretty happy though I was hoping for more. Hit a 30-31 and a 63, finished in 2:09. Since I only ran 2:08 in “peak” shape in July last summer, and opened with a 2:21 last winter, and much later this is a good start. Finished last indoors in 2:12 at Nationals in Boston in March.

rob usatf 400h1500m was the 3rd event, and I was in the wrong heat! I seeded myself aggressively, but my legs weren’t strong enough after the 1st two races. I was out in 34 and already 20 yards back and just about got lapped by the leader – I think we hit the line at the same time as he was finishing and I was starting my last lap. I was humbled. I can run a good mile but the 1500 screws me up!

Then we ran a 4×4. I focused solely on form and running strong and steady. Meg split me at 59.6 – hard to believe I can barely break 60 BUT I didn’t break myself to do it. I think I could run 55 if I was fresh and hammering. Good news is a 38, 40, 41 & 47 year old placed 4th overall AND beat some young bucks.

Contacting Marc
Contacting Marc


We’re happy to be a part of Rob’s training and racing! Looking forward to the rest of the season!

To get a training plan designed just for you, contact Marc right now!

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