how the good get better

Here are some of Tim’s take aways from my past season.  Although I still haven’t gotten the results I have been hoping for, I definitely know the areas in which I need improvement.

Tim at the finish of the Bridge Run

Tim at the finish of the Bridge Run

  1. Be selective about racing – I had a stretch where I ran 9 races in a 10 week period (one of them being a 10K).While at first it didn’t have an effect, after my Run the Bridge race I never fully recovered.  In the past I had experience where I had a 4 race stretch where I would see improving times, but here I saw the opposite.  Going forward I want to make sure I’m rested for the races I really want to go after.
  2. Non-running – My issues have never been getting the miles in.That part is actually easy for me. What kills me is what I do when I don’t run.  Keeping myself at a healthy running weight is key for my success.  Learning to eat right, strength training, and gradually increasing my mileage will be key in 2015.  I think I can afford to lose 10 lbs, but doing it in a healthy way is a must.  I need to start creating good habits and stick to them.  By doing these things right, it makes running that much easier.
  3. Strength Training – This year under TWM I have actually done a lot more of this than I usual do, but keeping consistent regiment for my upper body and core is a must.Making sure I continue my back exercises is key as well.  These areas are important because I can see the most improvement here if I keep at it.


I’m looking to work on these to right the ship in 2015.  To do this, Tim has trusted Marc to take his training to that level.  Contact Marc today.

What are you willing to do to get better as a runner?


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