Haddon Township Turkey Race

Today there was plenty of competition and was running with people the whole race.  After a half mile I was in 7th place and followed the leaders at a distance.  As the race went on I picked up everyone who could not stay with the top 2 runners and almost took down 3rd place but couldn’t hold on as I didn’t have a good enough kick.  Even though my time was 17:10, the couse was definitely long today I have to take that in consideration.  I think the extra .10 miles cost me close to 30 secs or so, its hard to tell.  But I felt in control the whole race and was giving a good effort the whole time.
PS wore the brooks t7 racers I picked up yesterday from Haddonfield.  They have more support than what I was racing in, and my foot felt a lot better after the race this time around.
Mile 1: 5:16
Mile 2: 10:43
Finish: 17:10 (3.21 miles).
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