Why I “TrainWithMarc”

There are innumerable websites, training plans, books, opinions and experiments as far as distance running and training go. There are streakers who run every day. There are planners who like microcycles and macrocycles and periodization. There are scientific minds and mathematical experts who use a formulaic approach to training. While I may work with runners myself, and while I may write plans and have a very specific personal theory on distance running and training, the one thing I have never been able to do is coach myself and the one thing I’ve never had is a personal/private coach. I’ve ben running since I was 14; I’ve been a distance runner for about a decade; I have coached since 1999 but my own training has always been spotty and my performances have always been hit-or-miss. One thing I needed was a coach.

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Having a coach has provided me with accountability and structure. Though we have never met in person, Coach Marc has been open to communication and collaboration since Day 1. His initial survey/questionnaire asked ME what MY goals were. It asked ME what MY goal races were. Then, he formed a plan to help ME accomplish MY goals. It was never about him, or what he wanted me to do and where to run or when to race; it was (and is) always about what I want to do, and how he can help me do it! From his online presence via Twitter, to his support on Facebook to the shared training log we both access regularly, having a coach like Coach Pelerin has kept me honest and has helped keep me focused. He and I have also talked about collaborating on training plans for some of our athletes, or for certain events/disciplines in the future – to share our insight into running & training to benefit everyone we (collectively) work with.
I can always count on Coach Marc to update my plan; to review my log; to analyze my workouts and results and to provide me with feedback. I can also count on him to not only answer my questions, but to ask me questions, too. Whether it’s adjusting a workout, or rescheduling a run or race he always has insight and an interest in what I have to say. He doesn’t just tell me what to do, he tells me where, when why and how and the return on investment has been invaluable. I would say that having a coach at your disposal 24/7 (at least electronically) for basically the cost of half a latte a day is a steal, and everyone should definitely consider his services. I haven’t been disappointed and am excited to see what the future holds!
To have that feeling, just like Rob, contact Marc and sign up for a training plan.

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