2 minute 15k PR for Rob

It was a really important test for Rob. He’s had 2 poor weeks of workouts and one more bad effort would have been a back breaker. Luckily, the streak of bad efforts was nothing more than a fluke, and the race was a great coming out party. This is what Rob had to say about the race.

Picutre via Rob’s fb page

Huge day today. HUGE. I’m very happy with the time AND effort. It was a 15+ mile day total, and no excuses but there was a lot of headwind the last few miles, and a climb (not steep, but uphill) the last .3 which made a kick nonexistent for me. Really only fell off the last mile. Will definitely start the 1/2 conservative, but here’s the link to the Garmin.


Garmin watch – 9.39 miles/55:58/5:57 pace
Official race results – 15k/55:58.706:00 pace
Coolrunning.com pace calculator – 5:57 pace for 9.39 miles – 55:33.9 for the actual 15k.

55:58 according to McMillan = 1:20:32 1/2 marathon (6:09/mile)
55:58 using VDOT calculator = 1:21:43 1/2 marathon (6:14 pace)
55:33 according to McMillan = 1:19:56 1/2 marathon (6:06/mile)
55:33 using VDOT calculator = 1:20:30 1/2 marathon (6:09/mile)

All of this bodes well – my fastest mile Sunday was mile 5 (5:47.6) & my slowest mile was mile 9 (6:14 with the headwind) so it looks like if I can start slightly conservative at the Delaware Canal 1/2, say NOT sub 6’s like a doofus, and get into a groove by the turnaround, a PR (sub 1:22:54) is in the cards. The sub 1:20 just doesn’t seem to be there – yet – but it’s coming.

Thanks, Coach Marc Pelerin for the guidance, the flexibility and the plan. Distance running is an investment and I didn’t go to the bank except for the final mile or so on Sunday. There’s plenty in the account right now and I’ll use a day or two for recovery before I start depositing some more quality miles.


Want to run fast and train smart like Rob?  All you have to do is email Marc.


Have you set a PR lately?  What does it feel like?


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