How to Run at Your Potential

My high school team just got back from Holmdel Park in Holmdel, NJ – where they ran at the Shore Coaches Invitational.  This is our state meet course and we typically race on the course 3 times a year – Shore Coaches, States, and hopefully the Meet of Champions.


As is always the case, I expect good results from my runners – I don’t coach expecting mediocre results – but as of late, I have reason to smile.  All of my underclassmen have set course or lifetime PR’s in every distance, on every course.  It’s a great sign for the future of our program.  My upperclassmen found their groove and are now coming within seconds of their own lifetime PR’s.  It’s a great feeling as a coach.  These are a few of the things that they are all doing to see such success.

  • Consistently training – putting in 7 days a week of solid miles.  Good long runs and 2 solid workouts a week.
  • Racing smart – staying within themselves and running good races helps build momentum.
  • Not getting injured – staying away from the injury bug is a great way to run fast.
  • Taking care of themselves – not getting sick or run down is key to running fast.
  • Staying positive – whether things are going well or poorly, they are staying the course.

Do you have some of these same qualities as a person an a runner?  If so, success isn’t far off!  Keep doing the right things and good things will come your way!


Do you have any other tips for success that I can pass along to my team?

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