And the Winning Continues

Rob loves to race.  I’ve found that to be true since we started working together a few months back.  And what makes racing even sweeter is winning.  A few weeks back, Rob won his first 5k with TrainWithMarc as his coach, and now he adds his 2nd win.  Below, find what he had to say about the race. 

Pulled off my 2nd “W” of the fall in Montclair at the Oktoberfest 5k. Official times “off” (noted by everyone wearing a watch) by about 15 seconds. I had 18:11, as did my friend timing us. Compuscore says 18:26. Two-loop course with a good 1/4-1/2 mile uphill before mile 1 and from 2.25-2.75.

It felt about right. Honestly, I think I can go 17:45 on the roads if I did that for XC a few weeks ago.


I think we’re all ready for some cooler temps and some faster times.  Who’s with me?

Have you ever won a race award?  Maybe an age-group award?

2 thoughts on “And the Winning Continues

  1. Thanks, Marc! I don’t always race this much…okay maybe I do, but I like mixing it up and it never stops me from completing the training! Looks like we have a few weeks without a race…time to get to work!


  2. You do race a bunch… But there’s nothing wrong with that. We have a lull in some races, so it’s time to get some good training in!


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