Minimizing Race Day Anxiety

I have a few HS athletes who are going through a bit of a mental rut.  They are training at a really high level, but can’t seem to put it together when the races come around.  So I did a bit of research and found a few articles that I thought I’d share about how to relieve race-day anxiety.

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Minimizing Race Day Anxiety

Here’s what I want to point out to them and I know that all runners can benefit from these pointers: 

  • Don’t stress about running
  • Prepare the best you can
  • Keep your mind positive
  • At the end of the day, it’s only running


Read the articles about getting rid of race day  anxiety and let me know what you think!

6 Ways to Deal With Pre-Race Anxiety

Four Strategies For Overcoming Racing Anxiety

Tips for Managing Pre-Race Jitters and Performance Anxiety

What other tips can you add to the list?  Tweet me @marcpelerin

2 thoughts on “Minimizing Race Day Anxiety

  1. Thanks, I needed this too! I’ve been underperforming in my most recent races and wondering what I’m doing wrong. I am tweaking a few things, but also realizing that my biggest issue is probably putting too much pressure on myself. I’ve gotta stop and relax and just enjoy everything again! I might just run my next race without my watch.


  2. That’s the simplest fix – no watch. If you are really getting in a rut, take some time away from “goal races” and if it’s bad enough, running all together. Then when you come back, you’ll be recharged and antsy to run!


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