Philly Half Marathon – 5k

What Tim failed to mention, and I had to look up the results, was that Tim was 6th overall in a STACKED 5k.  First three placers are NCAA Champions and Olympians.  Here’s what Tim said about the race:
“Race went great today, weather was perfect and had just the right competition to run a great time.  Hung on to the leaders the first mile and paced with them (not the elites), had to catch them cause I started out a little more conservative.  Once I got to the mile (5:15) I started pushing the pace to test the leaders.  This helped me cling on to the 16:35 runner.  I just kept him in sight the whole race and remembered to save a little something for the last 1200m.  This helped me finish strong and gave me a bit of a kick.  I also didn’t look at my watch as much as I used  to and kept on thinking to keep my form and push on, got me 6th place!  My best time yet with TWM!”
1 mile : 5:15 

Tim from TrainWithMarc lined up with Bernard Lagat in the Philly Half marathon 5k
2 mile : 10:40
Time : 16:42
Now I’m really pumped for October!!
Results are here:
Articles about the event are here:

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