5k Cross Country Success

So this was a tough but good day. Ran out of time to get in the full 4 miles during warmup and did a quick light stretch, some drills and one strideout before the gun! Race was packed and crowded up front so I kind of got sucked in a little but checked myself within a minute to not overdo it.  After about 3/4 mile things opened up and I was feeling good so I opened up, too.

photo (28)


Course was rolling and fast during the first mile, so I was out in 5:40. 2nd mile had the one steep hill to contend with but I was okay the first time over it. Hit two miles in 11:40, exactly 6:00 for mile 2 BUT that’s with the hills. I was working. Mile 3 was a nice bounce-back, especially after I got back to the rolling parts. Came off the final hill hard, and pace went from 7:23 at the crest of the hill (2.5 miles in) to 5:49 at 2.75 to 5:08 at 3 miles! Finished HARD (watch said 4:27 pace from 3 miles to the finish with a FAST 3:54 pace as I hit the finish line!!!

Got a quick sip then opted for the 2x800m reps after but I’m an idiot and did .4 for the 1st one because I can’t add. So I did .6 for the second one, then a 5 mile cooldown with the crew! Very happy. This is a lifetime PR for any non-road course (and damned close to my road PR) and my fastest effort in about 10 months.

13 miles on the day.
Way to go Rob!  Getting excited to see what the rest of the fall holds for you!
To get in shape just like Rob, reach out to Marc here.

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