Family Service 5k Results

The race went well! I felt really good even though I was nervous I wouldn’t do well because the night before I went to a concert so I didn’t get home until late and my pre race dinner was pizza. 

But I guess it worked because I felt the best I have felt in a race all year. I knew that running in the 10s like you had suggested would feel too slow for me. So I said I’d go out in 9:45. Well once I started I got into a comfortably hard pace before looking at my watch and turns out that was 9:15-9:20! I decided to stay at that pace for the second mile too before pushing harder.

As soon as the third mile hit I started to try picking people off which felt awesome! This whole year, in the third mile I’d be walking or slowing way down. I picked off about 5-6 people. I looked at my watch and my pace kept dropping. Turns out my last mile was in 8:49. With about 100 meters to go I gave it all I had and was in the 8:00 range. Finished in 28:34! Seriously felt so good. Ended up running two miles after the race too to make it a 5 mile day.

Today I am feeling a bit sore so I plan on icing and stretching. But overall shins don’t hurt as bad as they usually do after a race.

The course was flat and the temp was perfect.  I think that’s why I felt really good too.

I’m excited to fibally start feeling in shape!! I can’t wait to see if I can nail a 5k PR later this fall!

Here are results from the race.

How do you know if you’re getting in shape?  Any tell tale signs?

Ready to get a plan for your next race?  Just contact Marc!


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