NYRR 4 Mile Race

via nyrr.org

Temp: 77 degrees & 84% humidity.

It was a muggy and cloudy morning on race day & once I woke drenched in sweat I knew it was going to be a tough day racing. On the train ride to work all I was thinking about was breaking 20 minutes (for 4 miles). Heck, I did a 7M tempo @ 5:15 pace 10 days ago & it felt like a walk in the park.

I knew I was fit. While I was at work waiting for the race, I had time to foam roll & do dynamic flexibility drills. During my drills, I was watching highlights of Craig Mottram`s past races, which really got me pumped to tear it up out there.

After my pre–race routine I lined up next to some NYAC & WSX guys who are the fastest dudes in NYC. When I started running in 2010 I would have never imagined that one day I would be starting next to these guys yet alone beat some of them!
I took off with the chase pack, Mile 1 4:55. Once we hit the mile marker everyone picked it up & we ended up going through Mile 2 in 9:48, which means mile 2 was 4:53. The 3rd mile was the hilly mile and the whole group I was with split, some guys hammered up, others faded, I ended up somewhere in no-mans-land with some random Ethiopian lad and got to the top of the hill at Mile 3 in 15:11, which means mile 3 was a 5:23. At that point I was fried yet confident that I was still ahead of a few WSX & NYAC guys, as well as 2:17 marathoner Michael Cassidy (Mike is so FAST!!). I finished in 20:35 (5:09avg) and came in 14th overall.

Given the conditions & how I placed, I can’t complain, but I want more and I will run some nasty PRs this fall!

(AM) 30` – 4M Race – 50`
(PM) 45` – 18+ mile day total

(AM) 15miles @ 6:59avg
(PM) Off

Weekly Total: 100-105 miles.

Race results from the 2014 Autism Speaks 4 Miler


How do you handle the heat and humidity while racing?

Contact Marc for your very own training plan.

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