It’s Nice to Win

It was hot, muggy, and disgusting out – but it didn’t matter for Rob – as he came away with a first place showing in the Garfield YMCA 5k.

In the words of Rob “Brutal out there – 80 degrees, 84% humidity. Very controlled but fast first two miles, then hit the hills the last mile and settled a little. Ended up with splits of 5:40 (with a long downhill in the middle) and 5:50 (flat/rolling) before settling for the WIN  Mentally let it slide to a 6:09 on the hilly portion. Kicked back down to 5:30 pace for the last .12 miles on my Garmin. 6.8 on the day.”

18:18 for first place. Boom. That’s how you run a race in heat!

Unfortunately, there are no results and no decent photos!  Maybe next time.  You can also read Rob’s post about his #runstreak and all things running here.

To find out what it feels like to win a race, contact Coach Marc and sign up for your plan today!


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