Pacing for Distance Runners

When running, whether a race or training run, it pays to start cautiously (slower) and build speed as the run progresses.

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When Pacing Matters

The longer the race/run, the more important it is to go out easy and within control.  If you have a hard time pacing yourself, try these three tools to get the most out of your race or run.  You’ll be able to judge your time, pace & effort better as you run more miles.

1. Use a rabbit (or someone who is good at pacing).

2.  Use a GPS device (watch or phone).

3.  Run on a measured course, like a track.

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Why Pacing Matters

Remember, at the end of a race, these reasons should persuade you to go out controlled early on:

    • Passing people is empowering.
    • You’ll be in less oxygen debt so you can run the second half of the race quicker.
    • More energy later in race.
      Self control.

What’s your reason for going out easy in the beginning of a race?

3 thoughts on “Pacing for Distance Runners

  1. This is something that is so important, but so hard to do because it’s so hard to start easy (it often feels too easy!). I make this mistake a lot, especially with long runs…but I’m trying to get better at it!


  2. It is hard to do, but so important. If you are aware you’re going out too fast, adjust and monitor your effort. It’ll save your run and probably make it way more enjoyable.


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