Tracking Mileage

If you’re a runner, you should track your weekly & monthly mileage.  It’s important to know how far you’ve run; when you’ve done too much, and when you haven’t done enough.  Numbers don’t lie and a training log helps keep you honest.

Why keep a log?

Keep detailed notes on how your races went.

Let’s you know when it’s time to get new shoes.

Proves why you’re running fast.

Helps you remember how far you ran last month.

A lot of you will say you don’t need one – you do it on paper or on Nike+, but no training log does everything a runner needs quite like TrainWithMarc’s does.  To find out how to get one of your own, visit the 2015 Training Log page.

If you aren’t satisfied, I’ll refund you fully.  No strings attached!

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.14.26 AM


Clicking the PayPal button will send you to a payment page.  Once payment is received, a training log will be emailed.

Click the tweet button to be entered for a FREE 2015 log!

Tweet: Are you a #runner?  Track your activity with a training log from @marcpelerin at #trainwithmarc

“I really like the training log! The training tab was great for me to go ahead and plan out my marathon training all the way through October. I can add notes after each run which will be helpful to see where improvement is needing during training. Appreciate the ease of having all that on one page that I can scroll through.” – Tiffany


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