Why I Choose the Best

This is Tim and I’m taking over Coach Marc’s website for the day.  I run 5k and 10k races all throughout South Jersey.  My PR for 5k is 16:03.  I’m writing to tell you about my coach, Marc…IMG_h3003
My experience thus far has been great.  After running on my own for about 6 years after college running, I figured online coaching was worth a shot.  So far I’m really liking where it has been going.  The best part about my training now is every run I do has a purpose, I no longer aimlessly run miles and see where it might take me.  I don’t need to worry about planning what my workouts will be and training is always in sync with my race schedule.   Keeping track of everything in google drive helps me track my training and also gives Marc feedback for when he is planning for me.
He also makes me focus on things that I know are my weaknesses, like strength training.  Having these days built in reminds me that I have to do these exercises.  Marc understands that to be a good runner, takes more than just running!!
His workouts always bring just enough challenge in which they are tough, but attainable.  These keep me motivated and hungry.  I’m hoping I can build off the base and workouts I have accomplished this spring and translate it to fast 5k times in the fall.
To see how Tim trains, contact or follow Marc on Facebook, and onTwitter or visit his website.
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4 thoughts on “Why I Choose the Best

  1. Jamie hershberger December 19, 2014 — 8:45 PM

    Hi there, my name is jamie,i read your artical, very interesting, i see you run at 5k events your an awsome runner. This is my rookie year i did ok i was pleased with my season average 20 mins per 5k race my pr 19:43 at the Elizabeth hadden 5k in may. My first race ran 21:27. I ran well but burnt out cause i trained wrong and ran 9 5k event in a month.
    I found a good coach in sept and started up again. I wanted to ask do u run alot everyday ,long runs tempo runs,hills things like that. I started that ,i notice a difference since i found a coach, more relaxed not so tired , my goal to get to 16 mins like you,but it will take time..i ran wayyy back in 1989 my senior year in high school..anyways good luck hope to meet u someday…


  2. Hi Jamie! Thanks for reading my blog. I see you’re local to me. I love this area to run in – it’s got everything we need! If you don’t mind me asking, who do you use as a coach? Let’s chat via email – mine is trainwithmarc@gmail.com



  3. Jamie hershberger December 20, 2014 — 12:29 PM

    Her name is colleen tindall local Morristown resident very good runner…

    I see u coach tim pagano..he awsome…


  4. Ah, yes. Colleen is great. You’re in good hands! Tim is a very good guy and an excellent runner. Hope to run in to you in a race some time in the new year.


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