Big Gyms are Stupid

And probably everyone who pays for them.

I went to my dad’s gym Saturday morning for a workout.  I let him do his thing while I did mine.  This is what I observed…

People – and quite a few of them – doing NOTHING.  No lifting.  No running. No elevated heart rates.  No sweating.  Seriously? pi Why do you pay to go to a gym? 

Picture this.  A guy, with a latte, and a magazine or book, chatting with another guy. 15 minutes.  I saw a lady on a treadmill at a speed that would make a turtle look like Jimmy Johnson.  Don’t bother, lady!

I get it – some people go to the gym for the social aspect – and who am I to judge how some people make friends.  But there are better places and better ways to get a workout in.  Don’t pay for the big gym.  Do it on your own: where no one is watching and there aren’t any distractions.  Do your 30 minutes of “cardio” and your 30 minutes of strength and then leave.

There are too many people who can’t figure out why they aren’t fitter or stronger.  It’s because they “go” to the gym, but don’t really do anything when they get there.

Don’t be silly anymore, America.  Go to the gym and do work.

Happy Monday everyone.



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