Training in Flagstaff, Arizona

Carly & I were in Flagstaff, Arizona last weekend for the beginning part of our pre-wedding vacation.  We decided to take the advice on a number of sources, including Runner’s World, Running Times, and an athlete Marc coaches, Erin.  They did not disappoint one bit! In no particular order, these are some of the things we did in our 24 hours at 7,000 ft of elevation.  Flagstaff, one of the running meccas in the US has something for everyone!

We ate at Diablo Burger.IMG_0100_3 We went to the running store!


We went for two runs.IMG_0091_2 We hit up Mother Road Brewery (in our TrainWithMarc shirts!)IMG_0067_2 Got coffee at Macy’s.IMG_0098_2 At over 7,000 feet of elevation, there is something special about being a runner and being that high up.  For starters, it’s like breathing through a straw.  Yes, that sounds terrible, but it’s not.  It allows your body to work that bit harder to get oxygen…so when there is oxygen (sea level), you’re a monster at bringing in the very thing that helps you run faster – Oxygen.

What town do you think has the best of everything for runners? Leave a comment and tell us where!

For more info on our trip, find TrainWithMarc on facebooktwitter, & IG.

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