Firecracker 5k

The Firecracker 5k is a great way to start the 4th of July holiday weekend every year.  This year, Tim lined up with some of the best runners in the area to claim top prize at the Haddon Heights race.  While it was muggy and humid (when is it not in South Jersey?), Tim still produced a positive result heading into his break between seasons.

“I felt I was giving max effort, but the humidity really got the best of me this morning.  I think I could have gone 10-15 secs faster given a better running day.  Regardless I put max effort in my race and I’ll take what I can get.
Here are my splits, 2nd mile of the race with the turns didn’t help my time.  But as soon as I hit that 2nd mile I turned it back on again.”
1 mile: 5:12
2 mile: 10:43 (5:21)
1.1 miles: 6:11
Time: 16:52
6th place overall; 2nd in his age group.
“Looking forward to some time off than the start of new training cycle.  I think I need to get a really good base in for the coming races in the fall.  I think I can build of the training I’ve been doing.  Just gives me extra motivation to get out and train better and smarter.”
Results are posted here.  Congrats on a great season, Tim!  We are looking for huge breakthroughs this fall and beyond!
Did any one else race a 5k over the holiday weekend?  Tell me about it in the comments section!
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