Gary Papa 5k

Father’s Day was a good day to race – and the Gary Papa 5k provided the perfect backdrop to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer and to run a 5k.  The race is in Philly and Gary Papa was a former abc6 broadcaster before falling to Prostate Cancer.

Tim lined up with some of the best in the area and came away with a very impressive results.

He was 7th overall with a time of 16:46 (pace of 5:24 per mile)!  Tim was also 2nd in his age group!

This is what he wrote about his efforts:

“Went through the mile at 5:12 and 2 in 10:44.  I spent the first half of the race pacing with Macharia (5th overall) just trying to hold with him as long as possible.  Chasing and pushing pace with him helped my race a lot.  He eventually broke away and I tried to keep him in eye sight.  I put a lot more effort in this race and even think the previous course may have been a tad short.  So all around I’m happy as this was my best time on this course life to date.  7th place overall not bad given the competition.”

Results can be found here.  News about Prostate Cancer and the Gary Papa 5k can be found here and here.


Train like Tim.  Run like Tim.  Race like Tim.  Contact Marc and find your stride.



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