Exercises to Strengthen Lower Legs

Tires on a car are arguably the most important part of any car, right?  They are what actually comes in contact with the road.  Well, the same can be said about our lower legs.  They go through an absolute beating.  All the pounding.  All the shock.  Our lower legs need to be as strong as possible to withstand the punishment that we put on it.

We’ve created a video that shows what to do before a run – with ankle drills to get you warmed up; and strengthening drills to get your calf (the two major muscles that make up your calf: soleus and gastroc) nice and strong!  Have a look at it, pause it, practice the drills, and become a stronger runner.


What part of your body needs strengthening so you can become a better runner?


Contact TrainWithMarc for more info and details about becoming a stronger, faster runner.


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